Dominic's Quest is an online scavenger hunt that takes place across the entire world on any Escape Room website you can find.

You must search the web for any and all Escape Rooms and search their site for a hidden object. If they are part of the quest and you find an object, you simply click on it and you will be shown a description and clue to unlock it.

Using the website where you found it you will need to solve the passcode and enter it to claim that object into your inventory.

The first person to unlock each object will receive 10,000 points. All others will receive 5,000 points.

The Leaderboard will contain a simple list of players, sorted by points.

Clicking on a player will show you the number of items they have found but will not tell you where they were found. You will need to discover items on your own.

There is also a counter that shows the number of items available.

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Congratulations! You have found an item in Dominic's Quest!!

Item Name: Alivium

This is one of three pieces that are used to power the time machine. They are sources of unlimited power that never run out. They are made from the Alivium Ore found in the old mine under Drew's Brews.

You will need to search the following website:

And discover the passcode using the following clue:
Who is behind it all?

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